Cthulhu Trick or Click

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Cthulhu Trick or Click

Click to collect candies and help Cthulhu in this sugary idle game!

Cthulhu's Trick or Click is a shiny little game featuring kawaï minions, fluffy abominations, Rock’n Roll zombies and way more adorable fiends! You are a delightful cult leader and you’re in charge of these loveable little monsters. Your job is pretty easy: you have to feed them with candies and make them grow bigger & bigger & bigger.

Download this game for free and help Cthulhu get all the candies in the world for his Halloween party in this sugary idle game! Each candy can help you invoke, level up or upgrade your creatures from Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

  • Use the scary machine to collect an infinite amount of candies wih just your finger
  • Scare people with up to 10 different lovecraftian's monsters from the Cthulhu mythos
  • Collect Candies and invest them to increase your income
  • Invoke, level up and upgrade your monsters
  • Watch an advertisement every hour and gain a bonus (Optionnal)
  • Keep your eyes open for chests, maybe you'll find something useful in there

Cthulhu's Trick or Click offers a new way to see H.P Lovecraft impressive universe. In line with Cookie Clickers or Clicker Heroes this game offers you hours of clicking, clicking and clicking! Can you reach the max level? Will you be brave enough to unleash every monsters?

A problem ? Found a bug ? Feel free to contact us : contact@gmfp.fr